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Oral Session

Guideline for Oral Speakers
1. Presentation
1) Presentation files: Presenters should prepare the presentation file in MS-PowerPoint in English.
    Please bring your PowerPoint presentation file on a USB memory stick and submit it to the operator of each presentation room
    at least an hour before each session starts. The operator will load the presentation files to the laptop PC.
2) You can operate your own presentation by using the mouse & monitor on the podium.

2. Equipment
1) We use PC with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007(2010), Windows XP as a standard presentation system.
    All presenters are recommended NOT to bring their own computers.
2) If you use a Macintosh with our beam projector, we ask to bring your Mac Gender Changer.
3) If you want to play an audio or a video clip during your presentation, please let us know in advance and check it with a staff before the session.

Oral Presentation Schedule
· Date: Nov 29 (Fri) 13:30-18:00

S-1 : Semantic Web Services
Place Paper Title



Semantic Web Services for University Course Registration
- Zeki Bayram, Sengul Cobanoglu

Context-aware Music Recommendation with Serendipity Using Semantic Relations
- Mian Wang, Takahiro Kawamura, Yuichi Sei, Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Yasuyuki Tahara, Akihiko Ohsuga

Ontology-Based Information System
- Martins Zviedris, Guntis Barzdins, Aiga Romane, Kārlis Čerāns

Towards Sentiment Analysis on Parliamentary Debates in Hansard
- Obinna Onyimadu, Keiichi Nakata, Tony Wilson, David Macken, Kecheng Liu

S-2 : Multilingual Issues
Place Paper Title



Implementing Mobility Service Based on Japanese Linked Data
- Wataru Okawara, Takeshi Morita, Takahira Yamaguchi

Toward Interlinking Asian Resources Effectively: Chinese to Korean Frequency-based
Machine Translation System
- Eun Ji Kim, Mun Yong Yi

CASIA-KB: A Multi-source Chinese Semantic Knowledge Base Built from Structured and
Unstructured Web Data
- Yi Zeng, Dongsheng Wang, Hao Wang, Tielin Zhang, Hongwei Hao

TANLION – TAmil Natural Language Interface for querying Ontologies
- Vivekanandan Ramachandran, Ilango Krishnamurthi

S-3 : Biomedical Applications
Place Paper Title



Federating Heterogeneous Biological Resources On The Web: A Case Study On TRP
Channel Ontology Construction
- Se-Jin Nam, Jinhyun Ahn, Jin-Muk Lim, Jae-Hong Eom, Ju-Hong Jeon, Hong-Gee Kim

Publishing a Disease Ontologies as Linked Data
- Kouji Kozaki, Yuki Yamagata, Takeshi Imai, Kazuhiko Ohe, Riichiro Mizoguchi

Adapting Gloss Vector Semantic Relatedness Measure for Semantic Similarity Estimation:
An Evaluation in the Biomedical Domain
- Ahmad Pesaranghader, Azadeh Rezaei, Saravanan Muthaiyah

Advanced Semantic Web Services for Diet Therapy with Linked Data and Mediation Rules
- Yusuke Tagawa, Arata Tanaka, Yuya Minami, Daichi Namikawa, Michio Simomura, Takahira Yamaguchi

S-4 : Ontology Construction
Place Paper Title



Ontology Construction Support for Specialized Books
- Yuki Eguchi, Yuri Iwakata, Minami Kawasaki, Masami Takata, Kazuki Joe

Belief Base Revision for Datalog+/- Ontology
- Songxin Wang, Yuting Zhao, Jeff Z. Pan

Constructing City Ontology from Expert for Smart City Management
- Tonglee Chung, Bin Xu, Peng Zhang

Constructing Event Corpus from Inverted Index for Sentence Level Crime Event Detection
and Classification
- Shaila S G, Vadivel A, Shanthi P

S-5 : Semantic Reasoning
Place Paper Title



Parallel OWL Reasoning: Merge Classification
- Kejia Wu, Volker Haarslev

TLDRet: A Temporal Semantic Facilitated Linked Data Retrieval Framework
- Md-Mizanur Rahoman, Ryutaro Ichise

A Formal Model for RDF Dataset Constraints
- Harold Solbrig, Jim Davies, Eric Prud'Hommeaux, Christopher Chute

Location-based Mobile Recommendations by Hybrid Reasoning on Social Media Streams
- Tony Lee, Marco Balduini, Emanuele Della Valle, Irene Celino, Daniele Dell'aglio, Yi Huang,
  Volker Tresp, Seon-Ho Kim

S-6 : Semantic Search and Query
Place Paper Title



Towards Exploratory Relationship Search: A Clustering-based Approach
- Yanan Zhang, Gong Cheng, Yuzhong Qu

XML Multi-core Query Optimization based on Task Preemption and Data Partition
- Pingfang Tian

Ranking the Results of DBpedia Retrieval with SPARQL Query
- Shiori Ichinose, Ichiro Kobayashi, Michiaki Iwazume, Kouji Tanaka

Personalized search system based on user profile
- Yanhua Cai, Wooju Kim, Yiyeon Yoon

S-7 : Ontology Mapping
Place Paper Title



Utilizing Weighted Ontology Mappings on Federated SPARQL Querying
- Takahisa Fujino, Naoki Fukuta,

MAPSOM: User Involvement in Ontology Matching
- Vaclav Jirkovsky, Ryutaro Ichise

Automatic and Dynamic Book Category Assignment Using Concept-based Book Ontology
- Heeryon Cho, Hyun Jung Lee

An Automatic Instance Expansion Framework for Mapping Instances to Linked Data Resources
- Natthawut Kertkeidkachorn, Ryutaro Ichise, Atiwong Suchato, Proadpran Punyabukkana

S-8 : Learning and Discovery
Place Paper Title



An automatic sameAs link discovery from Wikipedia
- Kosuke Kagawa, Susumu Tamagawa, Takahira Yamaguchi

Concept Learning Algorithm for Semantic Web based on the Automatically Searched
Refinement Condition
- Dongkyu Jeon, Wooju Kim

Reasoning Driven Configuration of Linked Data Content Management Systems
- Stuart Taylor, Nophadol Jekjantuk, Chris Mellish, Jeff Z. Pan

A Comparison of Unsupervised Taxonomical Relationship Induction Approaches for
Building Ontology in RDF Resources
- Nansu Zong, Sungin Lee, Hong-Gee Kim

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